Hi! I’m Kristen.

I live in Tampa, Florida. I’m an Interior Designer with a passion for bringing tired spaces back to life.

Before my career in home renovations, I worked in news. As a former reporter, I have a passion for storytelling, and I believe that every home has the capability to tell our story for us.

Renovating homes and reporting the news have something huge in common: it’s all about the people.

As a feature reporter, it was my job to cover positive stories, working with a new guest every day. This meant making sure that everyone always felt confident, understood and knew how important their role was. As a designer and project manager, people are also the most important part. I treat my clients like i’d treat guests on the morning show, making sure they feel heard, satisfied, and have an overall positive experience. It’s not only the most important thing to me; it’s where I find purpose in what I do.

My mission is to help people create a home they love, designed to bring family and friends together. 

A home that is beautiful and functional, with rooms designed to bring family and friends together. A home that tells their story, full of things that remind them of who they are and the kind of people they aspire to be.

“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only… to support the ultimate career.”

C.S. Lewis

Home is central to everyday life. We all go to work everyday so we can support the home. It’s where grow up, and it shapes who we are. It’s where we raise our families, instill values in our children and create memories that last a lifetime.

I realized this was my passion when I was 16, helping my dad renovate his 1886 farmhouse in Barrington, IL. The excitement of uncovering original pine flooring beneath 3 layers of carpet and laminate was absolutely amazing. We raised the ceiling by a foot, restored the original doorbell, repainted the entire house, restored the old pulley windows back to their former glory and more.

I love all aspects of renovations. I love exercising my creative brain, and I also don’t mind jumping in and helping the crew out with some of the demo. (It’s also easily one of the best workouts ever, especially in the Florida heat.)

Since then, I attended TCU (go frogs!) where I studied Journalism and was a member of the TCU Cheer team. I worked as a reporter full-time, and I worked on homes part-time. I recently made the switch to being an Interior Designer full time, and one day I hope to combine both tv/media and home renovations.

Now that I’m in the home improvement industry full-time, I can’t wait to add more to this site as I go! Just like my journey through life, it’s always changing and growing. Above all else, my hope is that I can help you along the way, too. 😊



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